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Fluffy Monsters

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You made it to Friday of midterm, yay!!

Today’s 15 minutes of parent-child play is more about focus and engagement, which can be good after such a highly stimulating day as Halloween!

To make your own “Fluffy Monsters” you will need: two Cardboard discs with centres cut out, wool, scissors (to make the pom-poms) stick on eyes and an added sprinkle of glitter (if you want).


Sensory Play

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This weekends play tip is a Sensory one that all ages will enjoy (you too) and as always please share with your parent friends!

For SCENTED SPARKLE BUBBLES you will need a basin of warm water, a whisk, washing up liquid, sprinkle of glitter, spoonful of either cinnamon or ginger.

Add spoon of ginger/cinnamon to water with squirt of washing up liquid, add sprinkle of glitter and have your child whisk up a sensory delight with bubbles and a shaft of ginger/cinnamon in the sparkly water.

*Tip: place a towel or open a plastic sack under the basin


Mask Making

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It’s a day of dress-up (great for Role-Play with your children so go for it!!) & Masks. Today’s Midterm 15 minutes of play activity is “Mask Making”.

You will need; Masks (you can use paper plates that you attach elastic to or lollipop sticks to), glitter, [child safe] glue and scissors, pipe cleaners, markers, things like buttons/cut up coloured paper/confetti etc to stick on. Get extra value out of this by role-playing out characters with the masks using names, voices and feelings different from yours/your child’s own – have fun and share onwards with your parent friends.


Make your own Halloween Bat

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Another idea for a Halloween themed 15 minutes of play with your children. You only need some scissors, black card, some glue and a pencil.

Put your childs’ hands on the black card and draw the outline of both hands.

Cut the hand shapes out (they will be the wings of the bat), then cut out an oval shape for the body and a circular shape and two small triangles for the head and ears. Piece them together and glue them!

For some extra fun why don’t you get your child to draw the outline of your hand and create the “parent bat”.


Pin the Eye on the Monster

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It’s Halloween midterm and as temperatures start getting colder and the days darker here’s a fun indoor play tip for this week

You all know “Pin the tail on the donkey”… well this is a seasonal twist “Pin the eye on the monster”

You will need: large sheet paper to draw a monster on; pack of stick on eye (or draw some and use blu-tak!) and a blind-fold. ENJOY!!


Monster Jar Lanterns

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Here’s a play tip for the week ahead, Halloween themed! “Monster Jar Lanterns”

You will need jars (jam jar/coffee jar); some wrap bandages; stick on eyes; tea lights (battery operated ones are safe and available in hardware stores cheaply)…Have fun