Adult Therapy

We also work with parents and individuals/couples who are considering parenthood or are struggling with issues around same. Sometimes it is helpful for a family when parent(s) attend sessions without their child initially and this can have a positive effect for everyone. We also provide specific support to women who are transitioning back to work after Maternity Leave and might be experiencing feelings such as guilt and anxiety around this.

Parenthood can sometimes feel like a daunting task; the responsibility for caring for another human being and the demands of a new baby can feel overwhelming. At times a parent may feel they are losing their sense of identity and cannot find the time and space to be themselves. These confusing and upsetting emotions may have an impact on a parent’s self esteem, their relationships with their partner/friends and perhaps their performance in work and other life areas. This can make coping seem even more difficult.

The transition from woman to motherhood and man to fatherhood is not always straightforward. This may affect one parent more than the other but the impact will be felt by all in the family. The decision to become a parent is a big one, just as the decision to not become a parent is a big life decision. The struggle to become pregnant or the news that you cannot become pregnant, the process of fertility treatments all have an intense at potentially overwhelming affect on families. Solamh can offer a space to talk through these concerns.

For about 15 per cent of women, giving birth is the beginning of a time of depression and confusion and the “baby blues” can develop into a more long term depression.

Solamh offers support and psychotherapy to individuals and/or couples who are coping with issues around parenthood, parenting, fertility issues, miscarriage and Post Natal Depression.